Frequently asked questions regarding Classes & Registration :

  1. How to redeem External Coupons & Promotions:

    1. Click Here to learn how to redeem your external vouchers, coupons

  2. Can I attend more than one time per week

    1. Yes! currently in our long beach location you may attend both Friday & Saturday

  3. Which swim diaper/gear should I use for my Infant/toddler if they are not potty trained?

    1. Click Here to check our approved merchandise and equipment

  4. Can I use the same pass for both locations?

    1. No, Both locations have different price points, so you have to stay with your chosen location

  5. From what age can my child take private lessons?

    1. You may start enrolling your children into private lessons from 3 years of age

  6. Do you have adult group classes?

    1. Currently not, but we are considering this for the future

  7. Why does my pass has an expiration date?

    1. In order to ensure quality control and attendance count, we limit the timespan you can use your pass over. Generally, you get once grace week with each 4 lessons purchased. So 4 lessons must be completed within 5 weeks, 8 lessons must be completed within 10 weeks, and 12 lessons must be completed within 15 weeks.

  8. Do you have open lap swim?

    1. No, our swim school only specializes in swim lessons

  9. Can I schedule my classes ahead?

    1. Absolutely yes, in fact this is recommended in order to reserve your spot in the group

  10. What is the earliest age Infants can start taking swim lessons?

    1. Infants can start from 2 months (8 weeks)

  11. How warm is the pool?

    1. 88-90 degrees depending on the season

  12. Is the pool indoor or outdoor?

    1. Indoor


External Coupons & Promotions:

Groupons & Kidspass:

If you have an external promotion please follow the next steps in order to attend our lessons (Please be aware that only ONE external promotion is permitted per participant):

  1. Create an account using our reservation system. You do not need to purchase a pass. We will manually add your external pass redeeming it.

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 7.03.14 PM.png

2. Once your account is created, please email us at: letting us know the name on your account so we can manually redeem and input your external voucher.

3. Once we add your external voucher, you may now reserve your spot in our weekly schedule.