Benefits Beyond the Pool

Encourage a love for physical activity: Swimming is a fun sport, by introducing it early on as a fun activity, kids are more likely to grow up enjoying the benefits of it. As adults, we think of being in shape - but as kids, it’s about being faster, and having fun, and the satisfaction from doing well.It can instill the sense of satisfaction that comes from really pushing yourself to see what you can accomplish.

Team Skills: Swimming requires discipline, being accountable and showing up to practices and meets (even if you don’t always feel like it). Fast forward to high school, and those same skills of putting in the work to get results means studying for tests and doing well; knowing when things are due - being accountable to yourself or to your group on group projects. It also builds self- esteem, especially duringt hose teenage years when life seems amplified.

Confidence: teaching your kids to swim means that they have something they can learn to love and have the opportunity to excel at. It teaches them that they can do what they set their minds to, and that hard work pays off. That sense of confidence sets them up for success in life, it tells them that they should dream big and then work to achieve those dreams.

Be Present: It encourages being in the present - swimming has meditative properties. It forces you to slow down your breathing and focus on one thing at a time. And it lets you burn off all that excess energy - which, lets be honest, kids often need to find outlets to do.